Portfolio – Garden Art

What is the difference between Indoor Art and Garden Art you may ask… The difference is in the materials. For the garden, water proof/resistant substrates, such as cement and cement board are used. Sculptures are carved from styrofoam, then covered with overlapping pieces of mesh tape and a few coats of cement before tile is applied.  Adhesives include thin-set and silicon. To finish up, a sealer is used to protect the tile and grout against the elements.

As with anything left outdoors, a mosaic can take on a unique weathered character, which can change over time and be quite beautiful.

© copyright 2016 Jane Kelly, J.K. Mosaics, all rights reserved.  Please do not copy without permission.

One thought on “Portfolio – Garden Art

  1. HI Jane
    My daughter recently lost her beloved 14 year old beautiful Siberian Husky and I told her about your mosaics at Viva mexico and how gorgeous they are. I thought maybe you could create a mosaic portrait in his image to help her cope with her loss. Her name is Mackenzie and I’d love to connect you if you think this is possible.
    Thanks much
    Joanie Blechel

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